Each theme has 30 days of daily Energy Flows, plus a telecall.

Choose from:
1. Just the telecall
2. Telecall plus 30 days of Energy Flows delivered daily to your inbox.

Each of these can be scheduled so that you receive an Energy Flows daily to your inbox, at a time you choose. Talk to Crystals, Talk to PlantsBeing Gold are just some of the topics.

What if viruses are not what they seem? What if they are possibility for increased awareness and consciousness?”

Did you know Ageing and Poverty are a virus?

The theme for Month #2 is Magical Land Connections with Earth & Nature Spirits – your house and the land beneath it are willing and capable of contributing to you, as are any where you visit on the Planet. Are you drawn to certain places? Are you looking to sell or buy real estate?

Time is the ultimate control – it seems everything in this reality is about time – particularly the past and the future. But it is the PRESENT which is the power. We’ll explore the malleability of time, each day playing with it’s seeming limitations – including ageing, creating for the future, releasing the past, and being PRESENT.

Generation, which includes creation, is using the quantum entanglements (the energy ‘currents’ interconnecting all things), to move molecules, with units of consciousness (elementals ) to have what you’d like show up. Like more health, or money, or a job or?
When you are creating from the simple joy of it, with a desire to be a contribution to the earth, and people, it can be instantaneous.
How to be that space of joy?
Available in French and Czech

Are you having the Deliciousness of Life?

(or missing out and getting stuck with the fuzzy end of the lollipop?)

Available in French and Czech

What else is possible for the upcoming months?

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