Coming out of the closet is ok! 

Hi! My name is Shauna and I am a hedonist. The pursuit of fun, pleasure and ease has dogged my entire life. I have never stuck to a diet or exercise program for longer than about morning tea-time. I would rather read a book, walk along the beach or play with my cat. I’d rather eat cheese and crackers with a glass of red wine. I hate regimes, rules and gyms.

Try being a fitness and health guru with that shameful secret!!

I am finally out-ing myself! No more feeling guilty for not working hard enough, having days off or laughing too much. I now do what my body feels like doing. (Actually, I was addicted to control and worry, not fun or happiness. Who knew? I just thought I was lazy.)

What’s hedonism and what can be done about it?

It’s been defined as the pursuit of pleasure and for a very long time, that has been judged as bad, superficial, greedy and pointless. Being called a hedonist was not a compliment. 

Desires are meant to be overcome, not indulged!

It’s part of how indulging our senses – and the body – has been judged as a sin. You’re supposed to work hard now, and look forward to your reward, maybe, if you get to heaven (after your body is dead. )

No pain no gain, right? Control, control, control those appetites and desires!!

A hedonist is actually someone who enjoys the pleasures of life, who chooses pleasure rather than pain – and pain can be emotional, physical, financial, psychological and more.

What if being able to relax & enjoy your body was the key to changing your life in every area – not just how you look?

Here’s what I’ve found – 

Our bodies are aware and conscious partners with us. Not just meat suits! Working with my body has led me to more health, wealth, fun, vitality and happiness. And more relaxation. I’m a confirmed hedonist now.

But it’s like we can’t easily hear what our bodies truly require – like shouting through a thick glass window, so you only receive a muffled, jumbled response.

What cuts through the barrier?

For me, as an analytical over-thinker, getting in touch with my body has been the key. The body has its own phenomenal capacities and as you can begin to unlock these, the stored-up tension, resistance, dis-ease, emotional turmoil and ageing dissipates. And how you relate to everything in your life begins to change – money, other people, your creativity – the enjoyment of the pleasures of life – hedonism – begins! 

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