This was a year-long adventure – but you can choose to take any single month. All audio recordings downloadable.

Choose from:
1. Just the telecall
2. Telecall plus 30 days of Energy Flows

Each of these can be scheduled so that you receive an Energy Flows daily to your inbox, at a time you choose. Wilding the Earth, Talk to PlantsBeing Gold are just some of the topics.

” I have had as much fun on these energetic “trips” with Shauna Teaken as I have had on “REAL” trips! I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed this series! I love all of your energy pulls, but this has blown my mind and I truly feel has taken me to places and times the world over. It was such a surprise to love this so much! Thank you for sharing your mind-blowing gifts!!!!!!!!!”    ~ A.A, Washington USA

Available Topics

Fan the Fire This month we explore the Element of Fire – creativity, passion, energy, change and what else?
How many of us are conserving our outrageousness until we get old enough to be outrageous?
Where are you denying the fireball you truly be?
Are you willing to be the blazing sun you truly be?
One hour Zoom and 30 days of Energy Flows.
Available in English and Czech

Each day for 30 Days, we’ll “travel” to a place for the restoration and generation of nature. Rather than “Re-wilding” and going back to something, we’ll be “Wilding” and going forward to something new.

Will that make us Wilders, or “Wilderpeople”?

Czech & French translation available

“Sometimes, all I need is the air that I breathe” Remember that song?

How little we pay attention to the air around us, taking for granted that each breath will be followed by another, effortlessly and automatically.

And yet in many cities around the world the air that you breathe is a chemical and particle cocktail of toxic pollution.  If a nuclear reactor leaks, then radiation is air borne vast distances.

Natural events can cause pollution too – famously the ash fall-out from a series of volcanic eruptions in the 12th-15th centuries led to mass starvation as crops failed and the “little ice age” in Europe for about 500 years.

So in this month of Joyful Living, our 11th, we will explore the Element of air, contributing to the dissipation, detoxifying and refreshing of the earth’s atmosphere as we go.

* The Hollies, 1974

Available in English and Czech

Scientists tell us that up to 60% of our bodies are water, but as this level declines with age, we literally dry out as we get older!
Planet earth is often called the ‘Blue Planet” – about 71% of it being water on the surface.
Right now, very little of earth’s water is pristine, pure and clean and usable.
What if the greatest pollutants are not the physical substances dumped in the seas and rivers, or the chemicals we ingest, but the unhappiness, anger and despair people are feeling?
Molecules in all things are directly affected by the energy around them, and what is directed at them.
The consciousness cells in our bodies respond to direction, too.
What contribution can we be to the health and youthfulness of our bodies and that of planet earth with our energy, thoughts and awareness with water?
Ready to dive in and start generating change for yourself and the earth?

Are you having the Deliciousness of Life?

(or missing out and getting stuck with the fuzzy end of the lollipop?)

Available in French and Czech

Generation, which includes creation, is using the quantum entanglements (the energy ‘currents’ interconnecting all things), to move molecules, with units of consciousness (elementals ) to have what you’d like show up. Like more health, or money, or a job or?
When you are creating from the simple joy of it, with a desire to be a contribution to the earth, and people, it can be instantaneous.
How to be that space of joy?
Available in French and Czech

To me a house is not a home without my green leafy friends. When it was fashionable back in the ’70’s and when it wasn’t and now it is again, I’ve dragged my pot plants with me, sometimes having to hire extra-big removal vans to accomodate my beauties! What’s my secret to growing happy, healthy plants anywhere? Well, I do talk to the plants, and I ask where they’d like to be, and do they need water and many other questions, but I also talk to the nature spirits or devas who take care of plants and trees.
So join me for a one hour-plus telecall, and if you’d like, stay on for for 30 days of Energy Flows for Talking to Plants & Devas.

If you don’t have as much ease with money as you’d like, or if money always seems to be a struggle, you may not realise that you have a power with money. Frustration, anger, limitation around finances is energy you could be using to actually create what you’d like, rather than staying stuck!

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