HAPPY MOUTH™ BASICS CLASS – Livestreamed May 11th 2024


The Happy Mouth Basics class is where you can learn the Happy Mouth head activation points for Tooth Decay & Gum Disease, and clearings for the underlying energies creating these problems. You can immediately begin helping family and friends with their dental health.

This class is 3 hours, and Shauna will be demonstrating how to find and run the points. You will need to have a friend to work with for this part of the class, or join a group to watch the class together. You will receive a manual including the charts showing the relevant head points to be activated.

The Basics Class cost is $270USD and is a prequisite for the 3 day class coming later this year.


About Happy Mouth

Is it possible to regrow your own teeth and gums, consciously?

To have no more decay? Modern dentistry says this is not possible, but what if that is a big fat lie?

Happy Mouth is a series of points on the head which a practitioner gently massages to activate the body’s own healing and regenerative systems to regrow gum & bone tissues, repair and grow teeth; a series of hands-on protocols and verbal processing or clearing to address the underlying causes of dental problems.  It’s actually a ‘Youthening’ system for the whole body. It is based on the natural capacities bodies have to heal, regenerate and generate themselves. Our bodies are capable of growing new bone and skin cells, of renewing damaged or ageing tissues, and Happy Mouth activates these dormant capacities.

You can find out more about the system by looking at the website www.yourhappymouth.com; attending an Introduction evening with Shauna Teaken; listening to interviews with Dr Tom Kolso or Shauna; attending a Happy Mouth half-day practitioner training; or taking the full Certified Practitioner training of 3 full days. Happy Mouth Facilitators are listed here

Shauna Teaken is the world wide coordinator for Happy Mouth and also facilitates Intro/Taster Evenings, the Happy Mouth Basics class, The Energetic Dentistry Series  and  the Happy Mouth 3 day class.

You can read more about Dentist Dr Tom Kolso’s amazing system, Happy Mouth™ Generative Energetic at the website  www.yourhappymouth.com


all around the world & credited back if you come to a live Happy Mouth 3 day class

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