Happy Mouth 3 Day Class – November 2021

Live Streamed from Brisbane, Australia with online option available.

Timing is suitable for Japan and USA/Mexico, Australia and India. 

Check your time around the world here.

Event Details

This class is being livestreamed to groups and individuals worldwide and Shauna will be at home in Australia.

Attendance of each session is required as there will be no recordings of the livestream but all participants will receive access to a professionally filmed and translated 3 day Happy Mouth class, facilitated by Dr Tom Kolso.  This applies to both those in the live class as well as those online.

Date: November 26-28, 2021

Start time: 10:00 AEST

End time: 18:00 AEST

Venue: Online

Check your time around the world here

The 3 day Happy Mouth class includes:

The clearings, processes and activations of the Happy Mouth™system including how to activate the head points, demonstrated by Shauna and practiced by each participant on one another.

* head points to activate dormant systems (including the “Youthening System”)
* Hands on processes for TMJ issues, tooth decay, gum recession, and more
* Protocols to regrow teeth, gums and bone, nerve regeneration and more.

There are processes, to regenerate nerves, deal with tooth decay, gum recession, in addition to growing new teeth.

We also have a process to remove all doubt – which is a major limiting factor.

In addition, there are processes for activating the micro-organisms that ‘eat’ plaque; repairing a chipped tooth and repair tooth enamel & much more.

Other topics covered include mercury amalgams, phobias about dentistry, receding gums, bone loss, clenching & grinding, dental implants, and wisdom teeth.

There is also a Youthening Point, which activates a whole system of anti-ageing in the body, and the Hair Generation Point to regrow hair !

Early Bird Price

The price below is an early registration price available until 26th October 2021.  To receive this price register and either pay the full amount or a deposit of $500. After this date the Full price is $100 higher.


If you are repeating the class or have taken the Happy Mouth Basics class, live or by buying the replay there are discounts if you repeat the class within a year, and a slightly less discount if repeating within 1-2 years.

Please ask Shauna for your price.

About Shauna

I’m a self-confessed hedonist – a seeker of what makes life and living fun and joyful.

I’ve been working/playing in the fields of health, body work and personal growth since the late 1970’s.

I am the World Wide Coordinator for Happy Mouth™ Generative & Restorative Energetic Systems for Healing. 

I live in Brisbane, Australia and I travel, write and enjoy working with people to access their own unique capacities, brilliance, and creativity with youthful bodies, rejuvenation and much more. 

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