Happy Mouth™ Generative Energetic Dentistry 3 Day Facilitator Training March 2023

The training will be held only once a year.
Livestreamed over 3 days, 5 hours class each day.
Simultaneous translation available.
You will have a Facilitator’s manual in your language.
Attendance to all sessions is required.
A recording will be made for later listening.


Europe/Russia/India / Australia/Japan

Friday March 3, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th – Time link here

Moscow 10am 3pm, Warsaw 8am -1pm, Brisbane 5pm -10pm,  Mumbai 12.30pm – 5.30pm, Tokyo 4pm – 9pm

Japan/USA/Mexico (Spanish translation – Japanese if required)

USA/Mexico Friday evening 17th March to 19th – Time link here

March Saturday 18 -20 Australia 9am – 2pm, (Tokyo 8am to 1pm)

Mexico City 5pm – 10pm, Argentina: 8pm – 1am, Toronto 7pm -12

Register Here

You can pay a $500 USD deposit now and then you have until the class commences to pay off the remaining $1000.



Pre-requisites must be completed before you commence teaching a 3 day class.

Dr Tom will have approval over who becomes a 3 Day facilitator (before the training commences)

  • Have taken 3 live or livestream 3-day Happy Mouth classes with either Tom or Shauna
  • Be a Basics facilitator for at least 6 months
  • Submit a video of two of your Basics classes and audios of 2 of your Intro classes. (1.5 hours – could be an Intro telecall or zoom). These have to be approved, they will be watched and listened to, and if necessary, more training will be given.
  • Attend the Facilitator training – invitation only

You do not need to have paid for your licence before the training. (But you will need to make at least a $1,000 deposit on the licence and fulfil all the requirements before you begin facilitating the 3 day class.)

Licence Fees – You can pay this after the training

If you live in a $1695 USD country (this includes Russia, Argentina, Australia, Japan, Poland and Hungary) the licence fee is – $5085 USD.

Or a $1440 USD country – (Mexico, Chile, Mali) – the fee is $4320 USD

Or a $1950 Country is $5850.

You may pay a $1000 deposit and $500 each month until paid off.


BUT! You can begin facilitating classes as soon as all of your requirements are met and you have paid $1000 deposit on your licence.

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