Talk to Plants – The Year of Joyful Living


To me a house is not a home without my green leafy friends. When it was fashionable back in the ’70’s and when it wasn’t and now it is again, I’ve dragged my pot plants with me, sometimes having to hire extra-big removal vans to accomodate my beauties! What’s my secret to growing happy, healthy plants anywhere? Well, I do talk to the plants, and I ask where they’d like to be, and do they need water and many other questions, but I also talk to the nature spirits or devas who take care of plants and trees.
So join me for a one hour-plus telecall, and if you’d like, stay on for for 30 days of Energy Flows for Talking to Plants & Devas.

Energy Flows are Shauna's unique style of energy exercise which allows the body to relax and your being to connect with your body and the earth.

1. Having a daily energetic connection between your body, being and the earth is the greatest gift you can give yourself, and being able to share that with even one other person in a group is a wonderful bonus!

2.  This few minutes in the day of being present, changes the future, your future, dynamically. And it's great practice to be more present every moment.

Participants find that what they ask for shows up dynamically.

2. The Energy Flows have allow you to tune in to the energy on the planet and contribute in ways you could not have imagined, as weather, politics, economic and social changes have escalated intensely.

3. We all know more than we are willing to acknowledge, and we all contribute far more than we realise. To each other, the planet, the animals and nature beings. Please don't judge yourself in any way! What do you know, that if you acknowledged that you know, would change all realities and non realities and actualise as that which you have always desired? It's not "what" you know, it's "That" you know!

4. When we come together to run an Energy Flows (even if it's not at the same times in the day) we all have and be more - more receiving, more perceiving, more knowing and being.

5. Your awareness of and receiving from your 'team'/ guides  can really open up with this energy exercise.

6. Many participants find that they are sleeping better, trusting themselves more, having expanded awareness of nature spirits, money flows increasing and much more.


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