The Energetic Dentistry Series

What if you could be changing the health of your teeth, gums and whole mouth right away?

During the 3 day Happy Mouth classes, there’s simply not enough time to fully cover all the energetics behind dental health.

In these 6 telecalls, we use the Happy Mouth Clearing statement, and explore many of  the energies that create problems in the mouth.

The calls do not include Happy Mouth points or activations – these are taught in the Basics and 3 day classes.

These calls will assist you even if you never take a Happy Mouth class! You can buy a single call for $100 or all 6 for $500
All calls now available in Spanish

#1 Gum Disease – Choice & Rebellion

Your gums are the ‘soil’ in which your teeth grow – so gum disease is the first step to teeth problems!

Audio in English and French

#2 Kicking Doubt – the Great Limiter

The energy of doubt is so pervasive and crippling in all areas of our life and living. Do you doubt you can change your teeth, gum or bone situation? That it’s possible to grow new gum tissue, or new teeth?
Audio in English and French

#3 Youthening Your Body

80% of disorder in the body can be traced to the mouth – a healthy mouth is a key to a youthful body.
Audio in English

#4 Clenching & Grinding Your Teeth

Anger, guilt, resentment, longing to return to youth? Where are you creating your teeth and mouth health based on the past?

#5 Destroying with Self Hate and Judgement

Instead of using criticism to make a change, there’s another possibility! Hating your teeth doesn’t help!
Audio in English and Română

#6 Body Shape and Weight

Does it start with your mouth?
We will go deep to look at the intimate connections between what say, what we can’t say, what we eat, what we can’t or won’t eat, how we digest, how we love and express ourselves and how this impacts the way our bodies show up, and what they look like. Oh my goodness this is a biggie!
Audios in English, French & Romanian

You can now purchase calls 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 & 6 – $100 USD each. or all 6 for $500

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