What Does Your Smile Say About You?


A beautiful smile is everything because it shows the joy and happiness of the being shining through the body.

But a beautiful smile is not necessarily a perfect one! Having healthy teeth & gums naturally is possible for everyone, and it’s not just about brushing, flossing or cosmetic enhancement.

In this video Shauna invites you to a totally different possibility with Happy Mouth Generative Energetic Dentistry.

About Shauna

I’m a self-confessed hedonist – a seeker of what makes life and living fun and joyful.

I’ve been working/playing in the fields of health, body work and personal growth since the late 1970’s.

I am the World Wide Coordinator for Happy Mouth™ Generative & Restorative Energetic Systems for Healing. 

I live in Brisbane, Australia and I travel, write and enjoy working with people to access their own unique capacities, brilliance, and creativity with youthful bodies, rejuvenation and much more. 

Happy Mouth Basics Class


Is it possible to regrow your own teeth and gums, consciously?
To have no more decay? Modern dentistry says this is not possible, but what if that is a big fat lie?

The Basics Class is 3.5 hours, and the focus is on learning how to give a Happy Mouth session for gum health and tooth decay – the most common dental health problems for most people.

Pre-recorded class recordings are available in 6 languages.

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