Shauna’s Top Ten Tips to a Youthful, Vital & Happy Body

USA – Thursday 7th March

Australia – Friday 8th March 10am Brisbane

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Join Shauna Teaken for an action-packed hour of tips, suggestions and energy processes to start you on your way to a happy body. Recording Provided!

“I’m often asked what I do to stay looking and feeling young at 65.

Here I share my Top 10 Tips!”

Shauna taps into the energies and bodies of participants to create a unique and transformative experience, whether you are on a zoom live or listening to the recordings later.

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A long, long time ago, (about 40 years!) I was one of the first people in Australia trained in Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy, a form of very deep and intense massage which focussed only on one area of the body for 90 minutes at a time.

It was at times excruciatingly painful, as working with the breath we sought to release the body from long held memories of trauma. 

I just knew it had to be easier than this! I moved on to many other modalities, seeking , seeking, seeking. How to unlock lifetimes of limitations in the body with ease and also unlock the body’s natural capacity for regeneration?
Finally, I have created the YouthFul You Activations and series, to activate the body's natural healing and regeneration processes. 

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