A Time Lord, perhaps?

Try this quick quiz!

Do you –

* worry about being late, getting stuff done and never seem to have enough TIME?

* feel as though you’re ageing way too fast and time is flying?

* then have days where times drags by?

* find yourself dwelling on your past, the past, any past?

* sometimes get 6 impossible things done before breakfast, & arrive at destinations in way shorter time than it actually takes?

* have deja vu often?

* have repeated patterns of money, relationships, and health that just don’t seem to change?

Great Scott! You probably have a capacity with Time that you’re using against you and your lovely body!

No time to waste! 

Time impacts on everything – it is the source of so much limitation, not just with ageing bodies, but being able to be present, and enjoying life in the present moment. Many people feel trapped by their past; doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over and over. 

What if that’s simply not true?

I’ve always had a passionate interest in time – studying ancient history & archeology and also researching time travel and reading science fiction.

But my special obsession has always been with anti-ageing or “Youthing” as I call it. Over the past 40 years I’ve ‘guinea-pigged’ a lot of diets, exercise regimes, meditation practices and philosophies on myself.

I’ve discovered a few things.

Our bodies were designed to self generate and heal. Our teeth and gums were meant to regrow as needed. It’s not science fiction anymore. It’s not ancient myth and legend.

If you’ve been a seeker, if you’ve always suspected there must be more possible for our bodies and lives, this may just be something you’d like to take a closer look at.

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