What if is it possible to re-grow teeth? Have sparkly white teeth and pink healthy gums at any age?

What if your body had a natural system to deal with tooth decay? What if you could re-grow gum tissue and regenerate bone?

A happy, healthy mouth is a key to longevity and is about so much more than appearances!

Recent studies have shown that up to 80% of disease in the body can be linked to issues in the mouth. Whether that’s bacteria from decay, stress from grinding and clenching or inefficient digestion of food from poor saliva and PH in the mouth – the health of the mouth is essential to the health of the whole body.

The mouth has to do with eating and survival – if you can’t chew your food and ingest it, survival is very much an issue; communication, – expressing yourself; pleasure – the hedonism of enjoying every mouthful of food and drink; sex – the mouth as an erogenous zone; and status –even, white teeth are today’s standard measure of beauty & success. 

Afraid of the Dentist?

The whole mouth can be a rich ground for limitations, fears, judgements, and self esteem issues. Add to this all the lifetimes we may have endured accidents, gum disease, rotting teeth, and tooth extraction without anaesthesia. For many people the smell of the dentist’s office and the sound of the drill is enough to induce anxiety and stress! 

So what else is possible?

A totally natural system that uses your body’s own capacities.

Dr Tom Kolso has been a practicing dentist in the U.S. for over twenty years. He became aware that while modern dentistry has come a long way in the last 100 or so years, it is still very much about amputating parts of gum, tooth or bone and filling the gap with a foreign substance. He thought more must be possible, and over the last 18 years, he has developed a system of activating the body’s own capacities to restore and balance itself, combined with the tools of Access Consciousness® including the verbal processes and clearings. It’s called Happy Mouth™

Happy Mouth is not a replacement for seeing the dentist– and we still need to brush and floss!

The system includes touching points on the head which activate different systems relating to gums, teeth, the TMJ joint, lymph, bone restoration; and more – then there are verbal clearings to dissipate past trauma, conditioning and judgements. You can become a Happy Mouth Certified Practitioner by attending the 3 Day Class or Happy Mouth Basics with Shauna Teaken. There’s more here

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