It sounds a little bit naughty, a little bit exciting, but truly, that is what having a body is meant to be. It is meant to be this fun, joyous, enthusiastic, joyful, pleasurable thing.
Your body is actually a big pleasure organ!
Has anyone mentioned that before?
Various religions have been saying for thousands of years that to be a good person, you must overcome your body’s desires and do not give in to your body and, one day you will get your reward, if you are really good and resist, resist, resist temptation! The body will lead you astray! Trouble is, the reward is supposed to come once your body is dead! When you are no longer here to enjoy the pleasures of having a body!
What if we all stopped resisting, & start relaxing and enjoying our bodies?
What if we asked our bodies what would be fun?
Some people will say “Oh, that is slightly naughty. I do not know if I can do that.” But, you can… you can, you can, you can!
Thirty Seconds to Bliss
A really easy thing that you can do really quickly anywhere, anytime that will relax your body and allow you to begin to have a sense of the peace and connection with the earth, is – Simply take a deep breath in, open up the top of your head and pull energy down through your whole body, out through your feet and into the earth.
Have a big sigh as you breath out.
You probably did that as quick as you read it. It’s a natural capacity, this connecting with our bodies and the earth. You probably do it whenever you’re doing something you enjoy – like being at the beach or in a garden.
You could take it a step further, and on your next breath, pull energy up from the earth, through your whole body and being, out the top of your head like a big fountain.
I call it “Thirty Seconds to Bliss” because that’s really all it takes, anywhere, any time, to take a breath or two and connect your body and being with the earth.
And if you practice it, it’s like toning up your energy ‘muscles’, so it gets more relaxing and more expansive every time.
You might be aware you do this if you are moving your body in a way that’s fun for you – like dancing when no one’s around, or out for a walk with your dog. How do you know you’re doing it? It feels good and you don’t need to think about it!
These energy flows are the foundation of the pleasures of having a body, and we all have this natural capacity to be the energy of nature and the Earth.
The more you practice moving energy through your body, down through the top of your head, out your feet, up through your feet, out the top of your head, through every cell in your body and every pore of your being, the more relaxation, ease and pleasure your body can have, and it overflows into all areas of living. Not only is it healing and rejuvenating physically, this “turned-on” energy – feeling good in your body – can allow you to enjoy your relationships with money, people, your body, business, the Earth more… actually it’s kind of the key to having everything you would like to have, including a planet that is sustainable.
What would be fun for you?
What is it you enjoy so much that you don’t notice time passing or meals being missed? Do more of that!
What things did you love doing as a child – like kite-flying, or laying on grass and looking up at the sky? Go play! Have silly fun!
Get outdoors, even if for just a few minutes, everyday. Look up at the sky.
Move your body – be a tourist in your own neighbourhood and explore the parks, gardens and walking tracks.
This is how to create a youthful, vibrant body – with pleasure! What enjoyable things do you not give yourself time to do – like a massage, laying in the sun for a few minutes (naked if possible! ) a long soak in a hot tub?
The more nurturing, pleasurable ease you allow your body, the more possibilities for changing whatever it is you’d like to change can show up.
Having a body can be a gift, not a hindrance!

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