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Mid-Life as the Beginning

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Vitality, Potency & Creativity
3 Call Series

Not so very long ago, women of ‘a certain age’ were said to be going through “the change” or “change of life”.

It was a whispered-about topic, not something openly discussed. And not to be looked forward to!

It signalled the end of youth, and the beginning of being dried-up, ‘old’. At maybe 40 or 50!!

What if perimenopause, Menopause and post Menopause are all actually the body’s  possibility for a true Change of Life?

A time where the body can shift gears (up, not down) so that there’s more energy available for health, youth and creativity?

More than that, what if this time is a completely new possibility of generative energy showing up?

What if you haven’t hit your peak, or blossomed yet?

What if everything you’ve learned, come to appreciate and yearned to express is about to come to fruition?

Like much of Shauna’s explorations with the body and being, this series is a revolutionary step to enjoying living and creativity in an expanded, vibrant way, regardless of chronological age.

The series will include energy activations and ongoing processes to specifically enhance and facilitate the body’s opening up to this stage of life.


This series is only available to those who have listened to the first series “Have You Bloomed?”  Click here to purchase the recordings

 Translation available in:
Spanish & Hungarian, other languages as requested. 

Audio & Video replays provided.


A long, long time ago, (about 40 years!) I was one of the first people in Australia trained in Deep Tissue Muscle Therapy, a form of very deep and intense massage which focussed only on one area of the body for 90 minutes at a time.

It was at times excruciatingly painful, as working with the breath we sought to release the body from long held memories of trauma. It certainly wasn’t for everyone! My regular massage clients would beg me to go back to ‘normal’ massage!

I just knew it had to be easier than this! I moved on to many other modalities, seeking , seeking, seeking. How to unlock lifetimes of limitations in the body with ease and also unlock the body’s natural capacity for regeneration?

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